Chastity Cock

This new blog will be about men and how they deal with chastity cock. We will feature stories about male chastity, male chastity training, sissy training, penis enlargement, chastity cock cages including types, styles and materials along with how to properly fit your chastity cock. Male chastity covers a wide spectrum of actions and lifestyle situations. Some men are kept by women and other men as slaves. Others are free to act as real men but kept locked away with a key holder in charge of their sexual pleasure all they do so willingly. There are men that are forced into male chastity and there are men that are being feminized, trained as a sissy and chastity is just part of the training. Unlike most sites we will explore all facets of male chastity, ones you will be interested in and others might not do it for you but we want to cover a wide range. That will even include the extreme segments of male to female transformation. No permanent transformation that subject is best left for experts but transformation using devices and special underwear and swimwear designs. We have so much to talk about! Please bookmark our site and stay up with the conversation.


Male chastity cock cages, devices, anal gear, cock gear and extreme spandex designs for men.