Keeping the Chastity Cock Life Interesting


My chastity cock device has been bothering me lately so I decided that I needed to go out and purchase a new one to replace it with. I am pretty sure that the device itself isn’t the actual problem, but rather I am just getting bored with wearing the same device for the last couple of years. Maybe finding a new design would bring back some of that original excitement that I had back in the beginning. If it doesn’t, well, that is okay, too, as I will at least have tried to work all this out before throwing in the towel.

Looking over the new designs in chastity cock cages, though, has shown me a completely different world than what I knew years ago. Back when I got involved in male chastity; there weren’t all that many choices to be made; either that or I just didn’t look hard enough to see what kind of choices I actually had available to me. I can see that there are a lot of guys that feel the same way when looking through newer designs these days, though, so I think my first instinct might be right.

With having so many different options to choose from, finding that perfect chastity cock device for someone that is new to this lifestyle must be difficult. Thankfully, I already knew what I needed in my design and was able to find one that I could try fairly quickly. It has boosted the excitement again and I look forward to the next couple of years with it on. But I also know that there are more designs available if I ever find myself feeling left out and pushed off to the side again. It’s great to know that some people in the world understand this wonderful lifestyle and they are trying to make sure that it stays as fresh as it can.


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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!


Chastity Cock and Sanity


My chastity cock is one of the only things that truly keeps me sane these days. I look around at all the things going on in this world and wonder where humanity lost its way. There is so much hatred and sorrow in the world that it amazes me there are any people in it that are happy. I am one of those people, regardless of the things going on but it all has to do with my cock being locked up and under control. Once you delve into something like that, you never will look at the world in the same way again.

I have taken a lot of time to make sure the chastity cock device that I am wearing is going to be something I can live with. I would hate to have one on for a few hours and then have to take it off again because it didn’t feel right. So I spend hours looking around online and reading reviews of the different designs that are available to make sure I get one that is going to work for me. That is something you are going to have to do as well if you want to be as happy as I am.

Some people think I am weird for having a chastity cock device, but I think they are just jealous that they aren’t wearing something of this nature. They don’t have the kind of control in their lives that I have while wearing my chastity device and that bothers them. Maybe if they spent less time telling me how wrong it is to wear a chastity device and more time researching some of their arguments, they would realize that there are literally millions of guys on the planet doing the same thing I am. Maybe that would help them open their eyes to their own disbelief.

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Having a Chastity Cock Can Save You Money

My chastity cock is something that I am very proud of most of the time. There are some times when I wish that I hadn’t gotten involved in this lifestyle, but I am pretty sure that if I stopped going to strip clubs, those moments wouldn’t exist for me anymore. I just find it rather difficult to give up on some habits and that is definitely one that I need to work on a bit more. I would take the device off first but the whole reason I started wearing one is because of the money I was spending at the strip club.


When I go to a club now and I am wearing my chastity cock device, I usually don’t spend all that much money on lap dances. I am more worried about the pain I am feeling because my cage is keeping my erection in check to actually spend the money. I also don’t usually stay all that long anymore. I used to be in the club for hours on end. Now, I can only stand about thirty minutes at the most before I have to leave and give myself a break from all the excitement.


Thankfully, I have found that having a chastity cock can be entertaining all by itself. You don’t have to punish yourself just to feel alive, either. In the past, I had been going to the strip club every night after work and now I am down to once or twice a month. I have found other ways of enjoying myself that don’t involve naked women rubbing their bodies all over me for money. Not only am I saving money this way, but I am also finding that I have a talent for singing karaoke. If only I could get some of my friends to try this out they might enjoy themselves a bit more as well. Oh and yes, I do wear my cage while singing for the crowd.



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Adapting to a Chastity Cock Device While Clubbing


Having a chastity cock device on while you are out at the clubs is not the most comfortable thing in the world. At least it isn’t for me, but I think it might have more to do with the clubs I go to rather than the device itself. You see, I like the clubs with all the sexy women that grind up against you when you are dancing with them. That naturally makes my cock get hard and when I am wearing a chastity device to the club, it usually ends up causing me some distress.

Most of the women at the clubs I go to end up looking at me a bit strangely when they feel my chastity cock cage pushing back against them while they are grinding on me as well. But I just don’t trust myself when I go to those clubs without having my cage in place. I know how I am and there are plenty of opportunities for me to have some extra fun in the back rooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, if I am wearing one of my cages; all of that changes and I can focus on having fun dancing and not worry about the sexual side of things.


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Of course, whenever I get an erection inside my chastity cock device; I usually end up having to go home or at least sit down in some dark corner to relax a bit. After all, people tend to look at you oddly when you grab your crotch and scream in pain while you are on the dance floor. I know this because it has happened to me more times than I care to remember. However, that shouldn’t scare you off from having some fun in your life with a cock cage of your own and a club to enjoy on the weekend. You just have to be adaptable.

My Secret Chastity Cock Life


My chastity cock device is one of my most well kept secrets right now. I don’t have a partner or anything so I don’t have to come right out and start telling people that I lock my cock inside a small metal cage. However, I don’t really want to share this fetish with anyone, either. I want to have it as something that I enjoy all by myself and not have people talking to me about it all the time. I know there are guys that want to get together and have fun with their chastity devices, but I prefer to keep mine to myself if possible.

I don’t mind that others involved in this lifestyle are willing to discuss their chastity cock reality  with each other, and finding these sites online has helped me a lot in making some of the decisions that I have had to make over the years. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it with other people. I have never gone through any of the training that I have read about or been a chastity slave to anyone else in the world. In fact, I don’t even know if there is an adult store in town, let alone one that sells chastity items.

I live a very quiet life and my chastity cock lifestyle is another aspect that I don’t feel right sharing with anyone else. I like the peace and quiet that my life brings to me and breaking that peace would shatter my existence, I think. Maybe there will come a day sometime in the future that I would want to share my experiences with someone else but, until that happens, I will sit back and live my life the way I want to. I will also be enjoying my chastity device and the happiness it brings.


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Chastity Cock Devices for Larger Men


The chastity cock devices that I want to wear are usually the ones that I don’t have the patience for. It’s funny for me to think back on the moments in my life when I have tried some of these devices and found that I couldn’t handle wearing them for more than a couple of hours. It’s also a bit sad that I haven’t been able to find a device that actually fits me the way I am hoping one will so that I can enjoy it longer. But that is what happens when you have such a big cock, I guess.

I have found a few chastity cock devices out there that are specifically created for larger than life cocks, but none of them seem to be designed to suit my needs. They are usually oversized goliaths that I simply cannot wear out in public without everyone around me pointing at my crotch and whispering to their friends. I can understand how it would be distracting seeing as I have to look down at that monstrosity all the time. It would be nice, though, for a lower profile device that guys like me could wear out in public once in a while.

I am sure that there will be someone able to create a chastity cock device that will suit my needs sooner or later. I just hope that it is much sooner rather than later because I really do enjoy wearing my devices. It would just be nice if I could take it out of the house so that I could have some fun in public as well. I will keep looking for that special design, though, and I will never give up on finding the device that is going to change my life for the better whenever I have it on.

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Keeping Your Chastity Cock a Secret


Having a chastity cock is something that you simply don’t go around telling everyone you meet. Most of the people wouldn’t know what one was and, once they found out, it would be a whole new set of hassles trying to explain it all to them. They wouldn’t understand that you are wearing this chastity device in order to make your life better. All they would think is that you were some kind of a pervert that didn’t understand what normal sexual relations were all about. Of course you know better than that.


If you try to live with a chastity cock and insist on telling everyone, then you are going to find yourself without your friends. They will understand a lot of things about you and accept you for the things that you have done in the past, but there are going to be moments when they won’t be able to do that anymore. Unless, of course, they are also involved in the chastity lifestyle and then, it won’t be such a bad thing. You might actually find out that you and some of your friends have some of the same needs and desires in your life.

I have lived the chastity cock life for a very long time now and I can tell you that the people I told about it weren’t all that interested in hearing about the details. They simply wanted to stop the conversation and find a polite way of never talking to me again. I know that not all people are going to be that way, but enough of them will be that it will drastically change your mind on the way you bring up your personal life to others. Just keep that in mind when you decide that you want to share things with people.


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Living with a Chastity Cock

Having a chastity cock is something that I have always thought of ever since seeing my first device in an adult store. I was in that store with a couple of friends looking for some porn for a party we were having and I saw the device sitting in a case by the register. I was extremely curious about that thing, but I didn’t want to call attention to my curiosity with my childish friends standing next to me. I even went back a couple of times to look at it, but was scared to ask to see it because I didn’t know what anyone else would think.\

Since then, I have realized that asking questions about chastity cock devices in an adult store is nothing new. I had the person working there tell me that they have a whole recitation of information that they use on a daily basis because guys are constantly asking about it. Once I was comfortable with asking questions about a device in a glass display case, I found that purchasing it was easy enough to do as well. I have been wearing that device for quite a while now and just started looking online for another one.

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I absolutely adore having a chastity cock and living the lifestyle that most people wouldn’t understand and look forward to experiencing even more. I think that with all the options that are available these days, I should be able to enjoy my life a little bit more than I have been lately. Now I just need to find a partner that enjoys this lifestyle as much as I do so that we can share it together. But until that particular person walks into my life, I am going to explore as much of the chastity lifestyle as I can.

Chastity Cock Silliness

My chastity cock device is the only thing in my life that I honestly don’t think I could live without. I have had nightmares of the world coming to an end and all I could do was grab one thing before being whisked off to safety. I just stood in my room staring at everything I owned trying to make a decision on what to take with me. Naturally, my decisions came down to pants or my chastity device and, while I really wanted that device, walking around without pants on wouldn’t have been such a good idea.

Now, I will grant you that it was a dream and that wouldn’t happen in real life, but I did always end up taking the chastity cock device with me. That is usually when I found out that I was going to another planet to escape the impending doom. I would wake up at that moment and make sure that my device was in place and my pants were on the foot of the bed. I am determined to put my pants on over that device before anyone knows about it so that I can go to that other planet after all.


All kidding aside, though, my chastity cock device is something that I take a lot of pride in. I make sure that I maintain it as well as I do my own car so that it will last for as long as possible. I know some guys will buy new devices all the time, but I have had this device for almost seven years now and I don’t plan on breaking a new one in anytime soon. I might think about buying the same one as a backup, though but I haven’t been able to find one like this as of yet. I won’t stop looking, though.

Go for Quality in Chastity Cock Device

Go for Quality in Chastity Cock Device

Not all chastity cock devices are built the same in my opinion. In fact, it’s not really an opinion since I have put this assumption to the test a couple of times now. The very first cage I bought I was trying to save money on and found out the hard way that it was very cheaply designed. The materials that it used were exceptionally inferior to anything else I have worn since then, and I broke the cage wide open with my first erection. That is not something you want to find yourself doing if you can help it even though it may sound like flattering to you.

I may not like the idea of spending a fortune on a chastity cock device, but if I have to choose between my cock forcing itself through the metal and spending a bit of money for something that is going to last, then I choose to give up the money. The emergency room bill for taking that first cage off would have netted me the best possible device the world had to offer at that time and I wouldn’t have had to go through all of that. So don’t cheat yourself by purchasing the cheapest version you can find online.

I found that paying a little extra for your chastity cock device will always make you feel better after you have it on. I spend more on my new devices now and I have no fear of them hurting me in any way. I can also sleep rather comfortably at night with them on since they aren’t poking me in places that I would prefer not to be poked in. Do the research that you need to do in order to make sure you are getting the best value for your money, but make sure you are buying the best quality items regardless of how much money you are spending. It will make all the difference in the world.


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