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My Chastity Cock Cage Secret


When I first started wearing my chastity cock cage I felt like everyone was staring at me. Like they knew that I had this cage locked in place and they were judging me because of it. Of course no one knew that I had anything on under my clothes but it felt like they did. I was so nervous that someone would come out and say something about it that I almost gave up on ever going out in public again. Then I came across a blog online from another guy that was wearing a cage, too.

He had gone through the same feelings that I had when he first started wearing his chastity cock cage but he didn’t let it get to him. Instead, he started letting people know that he had a cage on. At first they thought he was weird for sharing that kind of information with them but, after a while, people started understanding why he was wearing it. They would get interested and start looking things up online and soon they were congratulating him on his choices. Now that all could have been a fictitious account created by a writer, but it had me wondering if I could do something like that as well.

As it turns out, telling people that you are wearing a male chastity cock cage isn’t the best thing to do. At least not total strangers and as a way of breaking the ice with them. Some of my friends just laughed at me when I told them, but I found that even the laughter and strange looks gave me more confidence. It was strange, but letting my secret get out there made me feel like I had more freedom in my life. I can’t really explain it in words but I feel that it was the right choice for me. It might be the same for you, too.


The Chastity Cock Cage Decision

Wearing a male chastity cock cage is one of those things that you really have to prepare yourself to do. You are about to lock your cock inside a small cage so that you aren’t able to get an erection anymore. If you aren’t ready for something like that, then you are going to be very uncomfortable. The funny thing is that there are numerous guys in the world that didn’t have an option on whether or not they were going to be using something like this. Their partners decided for them that this was something they wanted to try.

I was lucky enough to decide whether or not I was going to be wearing a male chastity cock cage. I don’t think I could have handled wearing one without knowing what it was or what it was all about. Even after deciding to wear a cock cage; it still took me a couple of weeks to actually put the thing on. I was kind of scared that it might get stuck or something and I wouldn’t be able to take it off again. Thankfully, that didn’t happen and I have been wearing my cock cage ever since then.

I read a lot of articles online about wearing a male chastity cock cage in the hopes of being able to be as comfortable as possible. I wanted to know if there was anything that I simply couldn’t do anymore, especially when you consider how active my life has always been. What I found out was there are designs being made every day that allow guys like me to continue having fun in their lives without being uncomfortable. That was the main reason that I decided to go ahead and wear a chastity cage in the first place. Well, that and being able to control my unruly erections all the time. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made.


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What it Means to Have a Chastity Cock


Having a chastity cock is one of those things that I never really thought about when I was younger. In fact, I didn’t even know what that meant until a few months ago. It wasn’t until I hooked up with my current partner that the word chastity made it into my vocabulary. I always thought that giving up on sex altogether was something that I would never be able to do so you could imagine my confusion when my partner brought it up. There is no more a turn off than having your new partner say they want to try chastity.

Of course I wasn’t aware that they were talking about these chastity cock cages that you can find online. I figured it was more along the lines of just not wanting to have sex with me. Needless to say, the argument that ensued after that statement was not something pleasant to be a part of. I almost completely walked out and wouldn’t have looked back if my partner hadn’t explained to me what they meant by chastity. They even had to go online to show me pictures of what they were talking about because I thought they were making it all up.

It has been a long six months but my chastity cock lifestyle has been worth living. It’s funny how I thought that locking my cock up inside a cage was going to take all sex away from me for good. But, here I am, having some of the most erotic sexual encounters you could ever imagine. In fact, I haven’t had sex this good in my entire life and that was really surprising to me at first. Now I am glad that I was talked into it and I look forward to seeing what else this wonderful lifestyle can bring to my happiness.

A Chastity Cock Just Might Be the Answer

A Chastity Cock Just Might Be the Answer

Living with a chastity cock is one of those things some guys just do. Others may find it difficult to move around with their cocks locked up in some of these cages. That is perfectly understandable, though, as there are some designs that aren’t all that comfortable to wear. I can think of a number of them that I wouldn’t want my cock being introduced to for any length of time. Although, there are guys that enjoy them as well or they wouldn’t be so prevalent these days. It’s a personal choice that you are going to have to make on your own, however.

The chastity cock device that I am wearing is one that I can feel comfortable in no matter what I might be doing or where I might be going. I even chose to get one made from composite materials rather than metal so that I could travel on planes a little bit easier. Granted, it doesn’t help when they pat you down but, once you explain what that hard bulge in your pants is all about, they usually don’t bother looking any closer. I also tell them it is for medical purposes and that usually helps a lot.

If you are looking for your first chastity cock device, I would suggest taking the time to look through as many as possible. This isn’t something that you want to get involved in without having the information you need to make an informed decision. Sure, you can look at the devices that speak to you on an emotional level, but make sure that those devices are going to fit your personality and activity levels before you buy them. If you can do that, then you could find that the chastity lifestyle is exactly what you have been looking for to change things up a bit.


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Keeping the Chastity Cock Life Interesting


My chastity cock device has been bothering me lately so I decided that I needed to go out and purchase a new one to replace it with. I am pretty sure that the device itself isn’t the actual problem, but rather I am just getting bored with wearing the same device for the last couple of years. Maybe finding a new design would bring back some of that original excitement that I had back in the beginning. If it doesn’t, well, that is okay, too, as I will at least have tried to work all this out before throwing in the towel.

Looking over the new designs in chastity cock cages, though, has shown me a completely different world than what I knew years ago. Back when I got involved in male chastity; there weren’t all that many choices to be made; either that or I just didn’t look hard enough to see what kind of choices I actually had available to me. I can see that there are a lot of guys that feel the same way when looking through newer designs these days, though, so I think my first instinct might be right.

With having so many different options to choose from, finding that perfect chastity cock device for someone that is new to this lifestyle must be difficult. Thankfully, I already knew what I needed in my design and was able to find one that I could try fairly quickly. It has boosted the excitement again and I look forward to the next couple of years with it on. But I also know that there are more designs available if I ever find myself feeling left out and pushed off to the side again. It’s great to know that some people in the world understand this wonderful lifestyle and they are trying to make sure that it stays as fresh as it can.


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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!


Chastity Cock and Sanity


My chastity cock is one of the only things that truly keeps me sane these days. I look around at all the things going on in this world and wonder where humanity lost its way. There is so much hatred and sorrow in the world that it amazes me there are any people in it that are happy. I am one of those people, regardless of the things going on but it all has to do with my cock being locked up and under control. Once you delve into something like that, you never will look at the world in the same way again.

I have taken a lot of time to make sure the chastity cock device that I am wearing is going to be something I can live with. I would hate to have one on for a few hours and then have to take it off again because it didn’t feel right. So I spend hours looking around online and reading reviews of the different designs that are available to make sure I get one that is going to work for me. That is something you are going to have to do as well if you want to be as happy as I am.

Some people think I am weird for having a chastity cock device, but I think they are just jealous that they aren’t wearing something of this nature. They don’t have the kind of control in their lives that I have while wearing my chastity device and that bothers them. Maybe if they spent less time telling me how wrong it is to wear a chastity device and more time researching some of their arguments, they would realize that there are literally millions of guys on the planet doing the same thing I am. Maybe that would help them open their eyes to their own disbelief.

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Having a Chastity Cock Can Save You Money

My chastity cock is something that I am very proud of most of the time. There are some times when I wish that I hadn’t gotten involved in this lifestyle, but I am pretty sure that if I stopped going to strip clubs, those moments wouldn’t exist for me anymore. I just find it rather difficult to give up on some habits and that is definitely one that I need to work on a bit more. I would take the device off first but the whole reason I started wearing one is because of the money I was spending at the strip club.


When I go to a club now and I am wearing my chastity cock device, I usually don’t spend all that much money on lap dances. I am more worried about the pain I am feeling because my cage is keeping my erection in check to actually spend the money. I also don’t usually stay all that long anymore. I used to be in the club for hours on end. Now, I can only stand about thirty minutes at the most before I have to leave and give myself a break from all the excitement.


Thankfully, I have found that having a chastity cock can be entertaining all by itself. You don’t have to punish yourself just to feel alive, either. In the past, I had been going to the strip club every night after work and now I am down to once or twice a month. I have found other ways of enjoying myself that don’t involve naked women rubbing their bodies all over me for money. Not only am I saving money this way, but I am also finding that I have a talent for singing karaoke. If only I could get some of my friends to try this out they might enjoy themselves a bit more as well. Oh and yes, I do wear my cage while singing for the crowd.



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Adapting to a Chastity Cock Device While Clubbing


Having a chastity cock device on while you are out at the clubs is not the most comfortable thing in the world. At least it isn’t for me, but I think it might have more to do with the clubs I go to rather than the device itself. You see, I like the clubs with all the sexy women that grind up against you when you are dancing with them. That naturally makes my cock get hard and when I am wearing a chastity device to the club, it usually ends up causing me some distress.

Most of the women at the clubs I go to end up looking at me a bit strangely when they feel my chastity cock cage pushing back against them while they are grinding on me as well. But I just don’t trust myself when I go to those clubs without having my cage in place. I know how I am and there are plenty of opportunities for me to have some extra fun in the back rooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, if I am wearing one of my cages; all of that changes and I can focus on having fun dancing and not worry about the sexual side of things.


One of the largest selections of male chastity devices, cock cages, cock rings, metal plugs, metal dildos, penis stretchers, male enhancement and the world’s most extreme men’s swimwear, spandex fetish wear, underwear and male transformation designs.

Of course, whenever I get an erection inside my chastity cock device; I usually end up having to go home or at least sit down in some dark corner to relax a bit. After all, people tend to look at you oddly when you grab your crotch and scream in pain while you are on the dance floor. I know this because it has happened to me more times than I care to remember. However, that shouldn’t scare you off from having some fun in your life with a cock cage of your own and a club to enjoy on the weekend. You just have to be adaptable.

My Secret Chastity Cock Life


My chastity cock device is one of my most well kept secrets right now. I don’t have a partner or anything so I don’t have to come right out and start telling people that I lock my cock inside a small metal cage. However, I don’t really want to share this fetish with anyone, either. I want to have it as something that I enjoy all by myself and not have people talking to me about it all the time. I know there are guys that want to get together and have fun with their chastity devices, but I prefer to keep mine to myself if possible.

I don’t mind that others involved in this lifestyle are willing to discuss their chastity cock reality  with each other, and finding these sites online has helped me a lot in making some of the decisions that I have had to make over the years. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it with other people. I have never gone through any of the training that I have read about or been a chastity slave to anyone else in the world. In fact, I don’t even know if there is an adult store in town, let alone one that sells chastity items.

I live a very quiet life and my chastity cock lifestyle is another aspect that I don’t feel right sharing with anyone else. I like the peace and quiet that my life brings to me and breaking that peace would shatter my existence, I think. Maybe there will come a day sometime in the future that I would want to share my experiences with someone else but, until that happens, I will sit back and live my life the way I want to. I will also be enjoying my chastity device and the happiness it brings.


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